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My Top·Down Approach to Getting in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times & More

Ten years ago before I started my first company, CitiKitty, I made a hit list of press outlets I wanted my business and product to be mentioned in. The list included The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Good Morning America and Live with Regis & Kelly.   I desired to have these mentions because while growing up I always viewed businesses that were mentioned by them as successful. I kept this list in a notebook for years and checked them off after I achieved them.  GOOD MORNING AMERICA My goal started to become reality during my first weeks of business in 2005 when CitiKitty was feature on Good Morning America during a July 4th segment in which products that provided you 'freedom' were featured. CitiKitty was...

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4 Tips to Make Your Morning Easier (and make that bus!)

  Let’s be real parents. Getting the kids out the door during the school year can be chaotic. At some point we all fall into a routine of raising our voices and frantically rushing. It’s time to tame the madness. Use our four time-tested tips to keep morning mayhem to a minimum. TIP 1 - Prep the Day Beforehand When your child gets home from school have them prepare for the following day right away. Provide your child a simple list of three things they need to do such as pack their lunch, prep their school bag, pick out the next day’s outfit, etc. before allowing them to swing into their evening routine or veg out. Having your child to...

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