It's #topdowntuesday and I can't stop thinking about how important it is that we all "dare to dream."

One year ago I couldn't let go of the nagging feeling that little me could create a better planning tool than what was on the market. I knew not only me, but other entrepreneurs, people & friends in my life were in need of a planner visually organized in such a purposeful way that its simple format painlessly could help you be more focused and successful. 

I had to debate, after already having three businesses, was it wise for me to add another business and brand into the mix? As the weeks passed the idea of creating Top·Down burned brighter and brighter in me. I knew before I even began my first business in 2005 that my true 'gift to the world' was visual organization. Some people play music, some sing....I organize, and I am pretty darn good at it. 

I poured every bit of myself into the creation of Top·Down in 2014 - hundreds and hundreds of hours to dilute big concepts of time management, goal planning and happiness into a simple format that could be used by anyone from any walk of life. Today I have a graveyard of rejected planning layouts that didn't make the cut. I nearly gave up, over and over. I felt like Russell Crow in A Beautiful Mind tucked away in his shed with papers and strings connecting loose but important topics. I thought I was crazy, in fact at times I was convinced I was crazy, but I kept working. Driven by desire. And now I am on the eve of launching it all. 

If you are thinking you can't, you can. If you are afraid, don't be. Dare to dream....over and over. 

xoxo - Rebecca Rescate