All in the Family



The vision I had of me, a strong young female entrepreneur, hitting the streets and growing my business were quickly replaced with morning sickness, doctors appointments and frequent trips to the restroom. And just as I was wrapping my head around motherhood and ready to spend my last weeks prepping for my sons birth he flew (out of my womb) into our lives over 7 weeks early. 

Before Mitchell was even home from the hospital and had topped 5 pounds my husband and I were already discussing when we would have our next child. And my answer (hello hormones!) was right away. After my son's birth in 2006 we quickly welcomed into our family Marilyn in 2007 and Lilah in 2009. 

After an amazing roller coaster of business growth in 2010-2013 (thank you ABC's Shark Tank!) I finally took time in the winter of 2014 to step back and look at my life and what I had created. I was proud of my accomplishments however one thing became very apparent. My children were on the outside looking in and if I wanted my future to look different it was time for a change. 

And change I did...

On October 20, 2014 I will be launching 3•Purpose Inc. A company about more than the products it creates. A company with a purpose to:

  • Help us embrace our family, our life and our everyday

  • Operate with honesty and integrity

  • Provide flexibility and work/life balance for our team members and customers

As I look at the picture above of me and my three children on my front lawn I can't help but beam with pride. They are right beside me this time every step of the way. 


- Rebecca Rescate